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Project 3 Workshop 1

1. Illegal Immigrants/ Illegal Immigrants in Florida working under harsh conditions for little to no pay.

2. Find a specific story about this topic that I can narrow in on(Still searching for the right story, almost there though)

3. The U.S. Border Patrol is partially responsible for the disaster as well as the people living in the communities/hiring the illegal immigrants.

4. Website

Project 3 Notes(Workshop)

The aesthetic expression of how we express ourselves. Exp: What we witness.

How to organize: Its not academic essay, its my witnessing, not every can see what I see. I’m moved by this. We organize it by our own witnessing. Bring in materials that expression, show, document, convey the disaster. Some rational sources and information.

-the project is not just multimedia but multi mode. I’m not writing an essay or a novel, its not 100% and expression. I have to mix it UP!!! rational discourse and some story….probably.

-Narrative, argument, figure(image) are the type of modes.

-The whole project is not a story, rational argument. Leaving belief out of it.

-Gather the info, have story, cultural material, rational thought. Have some grounding in fact.

-Location: Symbolic, some personal attachment significance.

-Show the blind spot!

-On going problem but we need one event with names, dates, places, faces images to make it visible.

-When you present the event present the events and direct them towards the values kinda…??? Take on the role as the spectator/witness. Take on the burden of mourning of the event as well as the on going disaster.

-Bring in your own personal information about the disaster if you have any.

-How do we select what we need in the project??? Well the answer is: Testimony to my event, my blind spot, how it affects me


My project Proposal

For project 3 my disaster is going to be on the illegal immigrants working in Florida. I chose this topic because I had to do a project on it in my freshman english class. It really struck my heart they way these people were treated. They work incredibly hard for little to no pay. They have terrible living arrangments and usually end up sick or dying from malnurishment. These immigrants come to Florida with dreams of making money to get there families out of poverty but that rarely happens. Sadly they have a harsh reality. I was trying to find the link between my project and me. I believe the link is a lot of the workers are men and they usually end up dying because and leaving there loved ones behind and I know how it feels to lose a father so my heart goes out to the families that have lost there daddy because of this. I also feel a connection to the migrant workers because its almost like a modern day slavery accept some of these immigrants had a choice and african slaves did not. Being from African decent I feel for these people because its pretty close to slavery. Being from German decent I don’t want the same thing that happened to the jews(the holocaust) to happen to the illegal immigrants.

Americans don’t think about how they got there delicious fresh fruits and vegetables. They don’t think about the hard sweat and tears that went into picking and harvesting there food. Nobody bothers to think about the illegal man or woman getting mistreated and starved trying to make a dollar to feed his or her family. Hopefully my MEmorial will show the blind spot that needs to be recognized in this awful disaster.

My emblem!