The whole concept of composing something completely out of electracy is an incredibly hard task for me. Ive been dealing with literacy all my life and to just be asked to turn off the switch throws me for a loop. I’m hoping I did this final project right. I wanted to stray away from long stories and stats. I tried to keep it as abstract as I could but everything needs order. This project was definitely stressful because I felt there was no way I could accomplish this task. I tried to use as many mutlimedia/multimodal discourses as I could. For example I had pictures, videos, and songs. I also linked a website where people can interact with answering questions about teen violence. I hope that everybody can see my blindspot which is nobody ever really takes teen violence serious until its to late. Until theres some sad teenager shooting up a school. Nobody realizes that teen violence  is an every day thing. Teenagers are joining violent gangs, getting sexually, verbally and physically abused, getting threaten or are victims of a vicious act of violence.

I certainly didn’t think I would be able to create a website dedicated to a disaster that is all to familiar to me. I was incredibly surprised by the way I felt no emotional pull for the victims. I mean on one hand I was mourning and sad for them but on the other hand it was strictly business. I had to do what I had to do to complete a task. If that means pull away but at the same time figure out what will make a group come together to mourn over one disaster than thats what I’ll have to do. Normally I would’ve been so stuck mourning on the pictures and videos clips of the terrible stories I was writing about that I would’ve had to eventually change my disaster but I was able to continue until I was through.

Electracy has really opened my eyes on a new way to enjoy the internet. I can be more than just an image. I am more than just my facebook page. I can express myself without saying one word through song, dance, video and clips. Its nothing to get online but to actual feel like your apart of a community when your on the internet is electracy to me. To feel apart of a community thats greater than you but at the same time values your opinions. To not just be somebody and nobody but to be apart of a social network that relies on you and you rely on it.


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