So a few days after discovering Tegan and Sara I hear via Facebook that Adele is dropping her new album called 21. The first thing I thought was OOOOMMMMGGGG I HAVE TO GET IT!!! On a February 22nd I drove to Oaks Mall, walked up in to the store FYE and bought her album( an early birthday gift to myself).

I thought buying this album instead of downloading it would be more supportive and I’d have something to listen to in the car for my 2 and a half hour trip home to St. Petersburg. When I got back to my apartment the first thing I did was scream for Kay again. This time she was home 🙂

Me: KAAAAAAYYYYYYY guess what I just bought??

Kay: Hmmmmm dont tell me, ugghhh, ok tell me!


Kay: Well pop that bad boy in! We’ve got all night! lol

To my wonderful surprise the actual cd was limegreen, MY FAVORITE COLOR!! Can we say I was jamming all night??? …..Yes we can 🙂

So my favorite tracks on her album so far are

2. Rumor Has It

5. Set Fire To The Rain

11. Someone Like You


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