Project 2


For project 2 I choose the community my roommate and I formed around music. Music that me and her share together. Electracy and the way me and Kadesha(Kay for short)enjoy music is definitely intertwined.If it wasn’t for the internet and how fast you can get information, music, videos, see and post blogs, etc. we probably wouldnt be able to enjoy music the way we do. I originally thought me and Kay had nothing in common besides some mutual friends but that all changed when she heard my phone ring and recognized the song (Vienna by The Fray, my favorite band by the way). Not many of my friends can hear my ringtone and know what it is unless its something they hear on a day to day basis. Not even my best friends can recognize my ringtones and cant even tell you what kind of music I like or what genre I prefer the most but. After that, Kay and I would sit and talk for hours in our living room looking up new artists,  sampling their songs and downloading them if we really enjoyed them. Looking up songs online has now become a  tradition for me and my roomie. Our most recent artists we have fallen in love with are Tegan and Sara, Adele and Dead Prez. I would have to say that my Itunes and Ipod have played hundreds of these three artists tracks and I’ve shared sooooo many of there songs with Kay via skype, text, bluetooth,email, Facebook and so on and so forth. Gotta love the internet  🙂

Tegan and Sara


Dead Prez


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