its another saturday

Its another Saturday morning at Kelly’s house and I’m feeling excited about finally trying to ice skate. Ms. Vanessa (Kelly’s mom) bought me a brand new pair of ice skates just like Kelly’s. Hers were red and mine were pink. When we finally got to the rink I was terrified. I’ve seen Kelly fall on the ice and hurt herself hundreds of times. All I could think about was something going terribly wrong. Kelly threw on her skates and jumped on the ice. I on the other hand was moving really slow. I had to take every precaution I could because getting hurt was not an option for me. I slowly walked up to the door that divided the ice from the stands and began opening it. Before I had the door all the way opened Kelly pushed the door and pulled me on the ice. I slipped and fell immediately. Kelly helped me up instantly.

To my surprise falling on the ice wasn’t that bad. It was wet and cold but I wasn’t in pain at all. After I got over the fear of falling I couldn’t wait to tackle the ice. My first few steps on the ice were shaky but I eventually got the hang of it. I didn’t even have to hold on to the walls. Weeks went by and I would still go to the skating rink with Kelly. She taught me so many moves and techniques on the ice to make me become a better skater. I learned how to gain speed; skate while crossing your legs, stop and not use the wall and how to crouch down. I couldn’t get enough of ice skating with Kelly.


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