A month went by and my everyday life was going good. I would see Kelly every day before, during and after school. We were just about to head out to PE when my fifth grade teacher Ms. Harris answered her cell phone and immediately starting crying. She ran across the hall into kellys class and started talking to the teacher Ms. Walker. When she came back in our room she turned on the tv and all I remember was watching the news for the rest of the day. Apparently terrorist had high jacked a plane and crashed it into the twin towers in New York City. I didn’t quite understand what was going on but I knew my teacher was crying so something awful mustve happened. I waited all day to talk to Kelly and see if she knew what was going on but when the bell rang I couldn’t find her. I thought she walked to the bike racks without me so I ran over there to find her but she and her bike were gone. I bicycled home only to find out that Ms. Vanessa called my mom telling her that Kelly and her will be taking a trip to New York so I wouldn’t be able to stay the night.



See Kelly was originally from New York and had family that worked in the Twin Towers so they left for New York that afternoon on a 19 hour road trip.



Kelly stayed in New York longer than they had originally planned. Ms. Vanessa thought it would be best to go back home and she took Kelly with her.

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