Project 1

I had to be 10 years old and we were inseparable. Everywhere I went she was there, everywhere she went I was there. Nothing could pull us apart. She was more than a best friend. She was like my other half. The twin I’ve always wanted and her name was Kelly. Kelly and I were always together. The summer of 2001 was our best year. We went camping, fishing, swimming and ice skating all the time. Ice skating was a big deal to Kelly. She believed she was going to grow up and go pro. I on the other hand never cared too much about skating especially not ice skating. All I could think of was falling and breaking something on the ice. Whenever I would spend the weekend at Kelly’s we would wake up at 5am on Saturday morning and drive 2 hours to get to the ice skating rink in New Port Richey. Kelly had a coach and a trainer. I usually sat on the side in the stands and watched her glide gracefully all over the ice. Kelly’s mom asked me every weekend if I wanted to ice skate too but I always politely refused and said no thank you. When Kelly would be done practicing we would pack up, leave the ice and head home. On the way home we would always stop by Dairy Queen and get ice cream. I always got cookies and cream and Kelly always got vanilla.


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