I ended up choosing my theme because I could create my own personal background and header. I wanted a theme that didnt really break up all my posts because I want it to look like one long continuous page with lots of different ideas going on. My web page reminds me of These Waves of Girls by Catiln Fischer in how random everything was. There was no certain way to navigate These Waves of Girls and theres no certain way to navigate mine either. It also reminds me of the movie Sink or Swim where there were a lot pictures with subtitles and no particular order.  My topic is teen violence and my event is the Columbine Massacre. I chose that disaster because it really shows you how unpredictable teenagers can be. One minute they can be your loving and caring student and the next day they’ll bring a gun to school and open up fire randomly. I used the scene from the movie Menace to Society to show how teen violence doesn’t always have to be something big and outrageous like the Columbine Massacre. Teen violence is an everywhere and depending where you live or who your associate yourself with it could possibly be an every day thing. I chose the song What I learned from the Streets by Lil Booise because hes an up incoming rapper who a lot of teens listen too especially in the south where most of the teen violence activity and death rates are high. For some teenagers the words from Lil’ Booise, Waka Flocka Flame, Tupac and Biggie Smalls are the same words they say everyday. “All my mutha f*ckin life I’ve hated cops, Dreads and golds I’m from down south, and Why am I fighting to live if I’m just living to die?” Just a few lyrics that most violent or at risk teens can relate too. Inserting videos and pictures really helped my project because there were some things that I couldn’t put in words. I tried to take full advantage of the multimodal opportunity I had with this project. Inserting everything from pictures to songs(which I’ve never done before).


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