For project 1 I combined a few styles of media and modes. I wrote in a dairy type for just like Alison Bechdel in a Fun Home Family Tragicomic. I used hyperlinks just like in the Waves of Girls by Caitlin Fiser and My Body by Shelly Jackson to connect different pages of my project together. Accept unlike there’s mine is easy to understand and will bring you back to my original story. I used the song Happiness by The Fray to help explain my feelings towards losing my best friend. Music helps me explain the thoughts I feel but dare not say out loud. I compared my memory to the movie Blades of Glory because the two main characters became more than best friends and amazing ice skaters, they became brothers. I chose that particular clip from the movie because the characters Chazz Michael Michaels helps Jimmy MacElroy off the ground just like Kelly helped me get up after I had fallen on the ice. I also used the movie Now and Then because those girls had a very close friendship and a really interesting summer just like I had with Kelly. All of my images help me tell my story just like in the movie Sink or Swim by Su Friedrich because they help explain what she can’t put in words. I really want my audience to understand where I am coming from and try to picture what I was going through.


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