teen death toll….

 100,000 scale with Mississippi and Alaska in the lead….


Columbine Shooting

Dispatcher: Has anyone been injured, ma’am?

Patti: Yes! Yes!

Dispatcher: Okay.

Patti: ..and the school is in a panic and I’m in the library. I’ve got– Students down, under the tables, kids!! Heads down under the tables!! Um, kids are screaming, the teachers, um, are, y’know, trying to take control of things. We need police here…

Dispatcher: OK, we’re getting them there.

Patti: Can you please hurry?

Dispatcher: Who is the student, ma’am?

Patti: I do not know who the student is.

Dispatcher: Okay.

Patti: I saw a student outside, I was in the hall– [sound of shots being fired out in the hall; Patti begins to panic] Oh, dear God! Okay! I was on hall duty, I saw a gun. I said “What’s going on out there?” And the kid that was following me said it was a film production, probably a joke, and I said “Well, I don’t think that’s a good idea and I went walking outside to see what was going on. He pointed the gun straight at us and shot and, my God, the window went out and the kid standing there with me, I think he got hit.

Columbine Killers Eric Harris (left) and Dylan Klebold (right) Two seniors. =Killed 12 students and 1 teacher.                                                                                         =Injured 24                                                                                                                                             = Shooting Started at 11:19 and ended at 12:18 pm when Eric and Dylan committed suicide.                                                                                                             =Deadliest American High School Massacre.

Started off showing anger and hostility on a blog but it was ignored until a year later when things started to get serious. If only they would’ve payed more attention

“Oh he”l grow out of it”

What I learned from the Streets

“my daddy raised me to hate a cop
so all my motherfuckin life, i hated cops”
– Lil Boosie

Off Gate, this what i learned from the streets (talk to em)
handle your beef (yeaaaaah)
you playing with keys(keys!)
sleep with your heat (betta) 
you a role model lil partner gotta be neat
all hoes aint sweet, they messy (they messy)
everything happens for a reason but they all lessons
if u stressen then pick ur head up(head up!), nigga,
get your bread up(bread up!), nigga,
if ur scared, scared niggas get they head bust 
i make u catch a heart attack, in starter hatch
just left downtown i got my 40 back 
a situation started, nigga im never smiling
beast mode until they take me, got that from ivy
any nigga who watch u up and down want something you got
why my enemies iffing me got that from pop
if i flop then its back to selling blocks (fuck it!!!)
back to telling niggas they cant hustle in my spot, off the top
my daddy raised me to hate a cop 
so all my motherfuckin life, i hated cops 
calv rich told me niggas change when u give them blocks
nigga told me when i ride better keep it cocked

this what i learned from the streets
keep it real lil nigga(from the heart)
keep your steel lil nigga
fuck these hoes lil nigga
but get ur roles lil nigga
this what i learned from the streets
watch ur back lil nigga(watcha back)
keep it strapped lil nigga(keep it strapped) 
you lil hatch lil nigga
a real gutter nigga and ur nuts a lil bigga

peep all yo surroundings (watch everything)
money is money so concentrate when u count it
every nigga who bouncin aint no gangsta ass nigga(believe dat)

and i learned that from richas
spoil all the dopefiends
i learned that from pitchas
fred city show me how to roll that killa 
big loc show me how to come with rhythm
ever since then ive been the sickest in the system
donkey, down an jacobs took me on my first mission
i jumped out bustin fuck it u aint saying nuthin 
ivy showed me how to cook it up and get it hard
put me on this jewellery shit i miss my boy
look, no matter how good you treat em (ooooooh)
that dope will make em do evil learn that from that clown jeefers
these nigga turning on they own people(aunti told me)
these niggas devils out here

the streets told me boy thugga keep that thang on ya
and fuck ur friends cause most niggas they’ll change on ya
these streets cold so u gotta keep that heater close
might be ur boy thats tryin burn u, dog u never know
man look these hoes aint no better they be vulchers too
i crossed one of those niggas and now they crossing u
just keep it G and handle business like the bosses do
know u the shit but homie keep em flies off of you
keep ur mouth all open shut when people talk to you
u dont know shit no matter how much time they offer you
dont stop until u got enough to a vault or 2
and know one thing its a slight chance ull take a loss or 2
keep ur eyes open and ya ear all the way to the streets
its money over everything till u rest in peace 
keep ur eyes open and ya ear all the way to the streets
its money over everything till u rest in peace

Project 3 Workshop 1

1. Illegal Immigrants/ Illegal Immigrants in Florida working under harsh conditions for little to no pay.

2. Find a specific story about this topic that I can narrow in on(Still searching for the right story, almost there though)

3. The U.S. Border Patrol is partially responsible for the disaster as well as the people living in the communities/hiring the illegal immigrants.

4. Website

Project 3 Notes(Workshop)

The aesthetic expression of how we express ourselves. Exp: What we witness.

How to organize: Its not academic essay, its my witnessing, not every can see what I see. I’m moved by this. We organize it by our own witnessing. Bring in materials that expression, show, document, convey the disaster. Some rational sources and information.

-the project is not just multimedia but multi mode. I’m not writing an essay or a novel, its not 100% and expression. I have to mix it UP!!! rational discourse and some story….probably.

-Narrative, argument, figure(image) are the type of modes.

-The whole project is not a story, rational argument. Leaving belief out of it.

-Gather the info, have story, cultural material, rational thought. Have some grounding in fact.

-Location: Symbolic, some personal attachment significance.

-Show the blind spot!

-On going problem but we need one event with names, dates, places, faces images to make it visible.

-When you present the event present the events and direct them towards the values kinda…??? Take on the role as the spectator/witness. Take on the burden of mourning of the event as well as the on going disaster.

-Bring in your own personal information about the disaster if you have any.

-How do we select what we need in the project??? Well the answer is: Testimony to my event, my blind spot, how it affects me

Extra Credit :-)

Air traffic controllers falling asleep on the graveyard shift is an huge disaster. There has been several air traffic controllers falling asleep. Some have been reported in Washington, D.C.; Knoxville, Tennessee; Seattle, and Reno, Nevada. The most recent case has been in Miami Florida. An air traffic controller fell asleep while working the midnight shift early Saturday morning and ended up being suspended. I feel a strong connection to this disaster because I fly almost every year and I would hate to be on an airplane and the air traffic controller falls asleep. Even though nothing happened while the worker was asleep its still something terrible to have done. The disaster isn’t so much the worker falling to sleep but the lack of policies put in place to help keep them awake. The air traffic controllers don’t have anything to do in the control tower and our bodies are not built to sleep during the day and stay up all night. In the article it discusses that the FAA are working on ways to keep the air traffic controllers awake. They are doing a nationwide sweep throughout airports to see what policies that can put in place to keep their workers awake.”We are taking swift action to ensure the safety of our aviation system,” Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said in a statement Saturday. “There is no excuse for air traffic controllers to be sleeping on the job. We will do everything we can to put an end to this.”

My project Proposal

For project 3 my disaster is going to be on the illegal immigrants working in Florida. I chose this topic because I had to do a project on it in my freshman english class. It really struck my heart they way these people were treated. They work incredibly hard for little to no pay. They have terrible living arrangments and usually end up sick or dying from malnurishment. These immigrants come to Florida with dreams of making money to get there families out of poverty but that rarely happens. Sadly they have a harsh reality. I was trying to find the link between my project and me. I believe the link is a lot of the workers are men and they usually end up dying because and leaving there loved ones behind and I know how it feels to lose a father so my heart goes out to the families that have lost there daddy because of this. I also feel a connection to the migrant workers because its almost like a modern day slavery accept some of these immigrants had a choice and african slaves did not. Being from African decent I feel for these people because its pretty close to slavery. Being from German decent I don’t want the same thing that happened to the jews(the holocaust) to happen to the illegal immigrants.

Americans don’t think about how they got there delicious fresh fruits and vegetables. They don’t think about the hard sweat and tears that went into picking and harvesting there food. Nobody bothers to think about the illegal man or woman getting mistreated and starved trying to make a dollar to feed his or her family. Hopefully my MEmorial will show the blind spot that needs to be recognized in this awful disaster.

My emblem!

Class notes 4/14/2011

Band 1: Instructions for Project 3

-Learn your place in the disaster.

-What is going to be the oracle in our project? : ???

-The connection(the personal connection) is the content.

-Conduction: a way to gather information.

-Each pop cycle has its own language.

-Cyberpidgin: Language spoken between users on the internet. Exp: lol, smh, emoticons. We’re not composing an essay or documenting a film disaster or selling a product. So writing in cyberpidgin keeps our project in electracy…..hmmmm i guess thats also considered txt speak. combining multiple discourses.  Its partially relevant to the right audience.

——-Exp: Rick Rolling on youtube.

-The collective(me and the audience) feel a connection and all can mourn….

-Presentation of whats in our blind spot, a lil bit of autobiography. ANY MATERIAL AT OUR DISPOSAL THAT IS RELATED TO OUR TOPIC.

-Collage, mash up of everything!!!!!!! ANYTHING!!!!

-Not just explaining and documentary, but have expression, our personal feelings, showing the linking, my position in my network and community.

-See multiple positions!

-I’m in individual but i am also part of a network.


-We don’t want to be overly sentimental

-Trying to have people recognize the blind spot without actually putting it out there.