Social Networking: Electracy

I use Facebook as my main means for social networking. I use Facebook daily. Not a few minutes go by and I’m on Facebook updating my status or checking up on what my friends are doing. I love every aspect of Facebook. They way your allowed to tag someone or something in a picture. Leave a comment on a picture or status you’ve connected with. Like or not like something. I love the communication concept of Facebook because it gives me the chance to check up on their lives without having to stop by there house or call them. I’m able to see how they’re doing and what they’re up to without having to leave the comfort of my own home.


The shooting of a police officer in St.Petersburg by a 16 year old african american male. The fact that nobody wants to give him any justice and he is suppose to be presumed innocent until guilty but that is definitely not the case with Lil Nick. It should at least be taken into consideration that if it wasn’t for himself turning himself in then he probably would’ve never been found.


I feel I have a strong link to this disaster because tt happened in my own community and a few of my friends actual know the teenager as well and the fallen officer. Being that I am a crim major I have been following this case very closely because I want to see our adversarial systemin action.

My emblem.

I created this emblem as it focuses on all aspects of my pop cycle. TahDah!!! 🙂


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