CATTt Lessons

Ch1. Facebook has no concept of privacy.(A)

Ch.2. People want to be able to communicate with  others and feel like they are talking to a community and not just a wall or computer screen.(A)

Ch.3 The tetrad. A (Facebook)website that has properties of new and old media(A)

Ch.4. Facebook allows you to have hundred and thousands of friends if they choose to accept you.(A)

Ch.5 Facebook is a visual scrapbook.(A)


-term to understand photos when 1st viewed, the emotional impact you get.

-immediate(direct), unprofessional, on the spot, something everybody can do.

Some third access or “connection” to the subject or the content of the image.

Pictures that are uniformed do not need punctum. Exp Year book photos.


So the pic needs to personal and unique. not like a brand or a logo.

Ch.8. You can be however you want to be on Facebook. Explore your identity.(A)



– experience becomes image. page 102. Alienates people. Not a real relation.

-its not critical thinking, just images.

Alienated from your image. Your living threw the virtual life. The image is just a representation. Facebook takes the authenticity out of life.

Not person but persona. Not genuine.

Ch.11.No limit on friends.(B)

Ch.16. We use other peoples perception of ourselves to make us who we are.(C)

Ch.18. Be cautious with your life and don’t be afraid to doubt it.

Ch.19 Facebook members ” the interactive social ritual of connecting with friends presents a troubling paradox.” (A)

Ch.21. You are never fully free from Facebook. Once your a member, your a member for life.(B)

Ch.22. “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles”

Band 1

1) Blog as Literacy

-readers as “secondary authors”(potential)

-“ergodic” (Aarseth) engaged effort, flow of eyes, construction of text.

-people can tag on a blog or leave comments. gives you different ways to read something.

-story telling and ways of narrating.


-bloggging- freedom of expression and connection to how you make a stand

-express for communication

-explore POV (point of views, opinions)

-connection as a condition to participation



Band 2

1) “Public Sphere”- Connected. Link to everybody emotionally.

a)? b) Political

– A network connected to join a community. The digital public.

2) “digital subjectivity”

-more about the blogger instead of the website or the actual blog

-find out more about who a person is, what they know…

-public and private merge

-a blog is interactive extension of who you are

-hyerlinking is the most important thing to blogging


-the diff between a blog and a diary because a diary is more linear and a blog can be all over the place

3) Identity “public discourse”

-mixed blogs= journal blogs(diary’s)

– blog is a way of expression

-even though its free and everybody can access it we still have a hierarchy and the same adult white male is on top.

-rare that the popular blog is female.


Band 4

1) Blog —>”Integrate” (msm)

-Real Time Virtual FB Loop

-Public–> Bloggers (Journalists)

(Venue/Platform) —->Collective Expc/Action


Making a map of the internet using the tool your making it with. Changes obj/tool

-the internet is ever changing.

-a platform not a website

– interrelation f./fx. qualitative

-Common/Neighborhood (ecology)

-Exchange(“Energy Flow”)-necessary to work

-Ecosystem instead of a spatial structure

3) Common Norms

-Norms of common practices in a blog are formed and modified by the participants/users using it.

-Norms are influenced by formats

-Influenced by common culture—(for maintaining)

-Administration has a bigger influence on the norms than the users do.

4) Visual Blogs, Images &  Identity

-Most people who have blog have pics to hide themselves or about themselves.

-Update/frequently=incrementally disclose/learn

-IMS-TXT relation

-Nobody’s holding you to a standard. You can say what you want to say, post what you want

Web Squared/Facebook and Philosophy

-Platforms change with users behavior.

-Theres no more mainstream media

-Publicizing the measurement of your website

– Qualitative relationship. Sphere community do to collaboration of a community.

-Shared interest and values- exp: activist groups, “Obama grows an afro”

– A cause(activist) is just a click of a mouse and you can get very distracted. Facebook makes it to easy. In real life it would be much harder.

Facebook  Notes

  • A good understand of a social network in terms of functions, effects. how do we form express the experience of the identity of the social network. What is happening to identity? What is a social network identity?
  • What is a medium? – Exp. like paint for a painting or notebook and pencil for notes…
  • Communication: diff forms of comm.
  • Media: Music, Video, Photos….
  • Facebook is Mega Medium…^^^^
  1. Enhancing- Tool of documentation…exp: Diary
  2. Asynchronous live time. Facebook tells you what time stuff got posted or added.  This media has multiple times exp. live news feeds and reading updates
  3. Suppresses stuff. Takes away the need to have a reunion or even the need to meet in person. Secrecy is absolute.
  4. Social Documenting. If its there then why remember because its still there. Storage Technology. Easy to retrieve the store information.
  5. Rhetorical Situation- Be mindful of your audience. People in your network might not care  about boundaries. Theirs no way to designate a particular audience. Exp: trying not to curse on your wall but one of your friends does, the friend has no idea who your friends with and whose watching and reading your wall.
  6. Audience- You don’t know all your friends. Hypothesis: In a social network context you want to be in the position where you know NOBODY in the audience. Could be a disadvantage. Less about the speaker or audience. Its all about context and the information.


I enjoyed reading Remix by Lawrence Lessig. I learned some stuff I didn’t know like how and why Itunes got so big and that Limewire and Napster got shut down because they were taking artists music illegally and letting people download it. I also didn’t know that if I were to post a personal video on Youtube and it had a song playing in the background then I would have to get permission from the artist to post it or I could end up getting sued. When I read the book Remix I also discovered an artist called Girl Talk (Gregg Gills) that I’ve never heard of. I ended up listening to some of his songs on myspace and actually started liking them. Apparently his music is Illegal because he takes other artists songs and mashes them up but some of his songs are really good. My favorite song so far is “Make Me Wanna” on his fifth album called All Day. The songs consists of several artists like Rick Ross, TI, Waka Flocka Flame,  Basement Jaxx and Cyndi Lauper. The song is absolutely amazing. I love how creative Girl Talk is and how is combines all different kinds of artists, genres and styles.

Re-making Nature and Ch.3

Lime Wire, Frost Wire, Bear Share and Pirate Bay are among the many illegal programs that people can download to “steal” other artists music. Many of these programs including Limewire got sued and shut down just like Napster.

Saying Amateur can be used in a good way or bad way. It all depends on what and/or who your talking about. For instance the movie “Ghetto Stories” by  directors John McDougal and Turk could be considered an amateur film because the directors are fairly new and its an independent film. Comparing the movie quality of Trill Films Production to Lions Gate, Ghetto Stories wasn’t that great but it was a good movie none the less.

The Learning Screen

-“Epiphany as logic is not experienced directly but composed, designed, in a consulting practice dubbed the EmerAgency, a virtual consultancy by means of which all citizens participate in an Internet public sphere (possible only through a digital prosthesis).”

-“The oracle or parable strategy is to adopt a public policy problem (a catastrophe in progress) as an image of one’s own situation, thus testing the slogan of the EmerAgency”

The Felt Memory on Youtube

-“why people have pets, and Ulmer explains that it has to do with monumentality”, I’m guessing that having pets helps us deal with post tramatic stress disorder.

-When your pets die it teaches you a valuable lesson about how to mourn. Ulmer says that a nation has to learn the same lesson about how to deal with the loss of one generation after another.

-A home without a pet is just a house. Beliefs like that makes us a people. The pets make a sacrifice for national identity, and wasting the pets is the price we have to pay for the practice of having a pet: “It shows we are sincere.”

-The same sacrifice showed in memorials for our soldiers.

Electronic Monuments Ch. 7, 8 & Conclusion

– “Memoria”, that is, was not only a means of storage and retrieval of information, but also a means for generating new texts or speeches (invention).” pg. 197 (B)

-The collaborative production leads into an insight into how to organize the accumulated Web MEmorial into an internet civic sphere. p.211(A)

-A MEmorial is performed by an individual as an act of 214(A)

– Like the LMDC commemoration, the EmerAgency deconsultation on 9/11 is a work in progress. Pg. 238(A)

-ATH as showing that exterior that is at the heart of me, the intersubjective nature of the human identity. pg 249(B)

-The MEmorial deconsulation uses commemoration to exceed the the impasses revealed in disasters. pg.250 (A)


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