Twitterature is a really good text book because its easy read. It makes every hard american novel(in Twitterature) easy to understand. I love the way the authors have taken hard to understand novels and turned them into tweets that are funny and common to youth of this generation.

These Waves of Girls

These waves  of Girls was really interesting. It used hyperlink to connect different  pages and stories together. This website helped show me how creative you can get with websites.

Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic

1. Direct/memory
2. Family History (indirect. exp: anecdote)
3. Fathers Narrator A) History/Past B). Direct/Shared
(middle of nowhere Pennsylvania is the setting)
4. History- Society. History’s always happening somewhere else.
(gives a sense of whats going on, solitude, independent research on homosexuality)
5. Time, place, organization.
(keeps everything organized in a good way. interfaced w/.something familiar )
6. Culture- Literature
(everything’s about her dad, hes dead and unfamiliar)
A) references(expression)-she doesn’t just say imagine something, she gives it to the audience indirectly exp: definitions, drawings of photo graphs and dictionary’s

-Multimedia: Function; effect. The authors has more control, we don’t get to exercise our creative imagination.

Doll Games


1.  Table of contents 2. Scenes 3. Critical Discourse 4. Artificial 5. Glossary


Serial  narrative, almost like a soap opera.Different doll characters. Exp: toy story, drama with diff characters. Refashioning how the dolls really are. Giving them different personalities, human like qualities.Has a variety of modes. Has a glossary unlike novels.

my body- a Wunderkammer

My Body is almost set up like the waves of girls. You have to click on something to get somewhere else. And the Body has a lot of emotion tied to her body parts.

She uses a lot of memory to describe her body.  She gets her inspiration from Frankenstein.

The way the drawings of her body are setup with different parts coming together almost as though someone put her together.

As if shes a monster. Considered herself abnormal compared to everybody else. She felt out of place.

She remixed and refashioned Frankenstein to a modern aged girl.

Artificial and thematic organization.  A poetical theme. Hypertext structure

Good Bye Lenin!

Good Bye Lenin was a pretty interesting movie. At first I was dissapointed that it was in German with enlgish subtitles but as the movie progressed I started getting in to it. It was sad that the mother had a coma but it was really cool how the son tried his hardest to keep everything about there country the same. I loved how he him and his coworker made several fake news reports to keep the mother from freaking out and having a heart attack. I thought that was a good example of electracy  because instead of making up some fake newspaper they made something she could watch on tv and engage with electronically.

Requiem for a Dream

Now I was pretty excited to watch Requiem for a Dream because it had one of my favorite comedians in it(Marlon Wayans). I didn’t know the film was going to be so graphic and show some pretty explicit scenes. But even though the film had some in depth sexual scenes you never actually saw any of the actors taking drugs. I love how the actor left us to the conclusion that they were taking drugs. Like the film would show pictures of drugs and something inhaling it using a dollar bill rolled up but we never actually saw them taking drugs. I like how that left the audience in suspense.

Vimeo Festival Videos  3

Last Minutes with Oden

– This short film was absolutely amazing. It definitely brought me to tears just because I could understand where this man was coming from having to put down his dog. You could tell there was no greater bond here than between a man and his dog.

The Raven

– The Raven was a pretty interesting short film from the narrative category because it dealt with futuristic ideas. Without to many words especially coming from the main character you could understand what was going on.

Break-Ups The Series

– I really enjoyed watching the break up series from the original series category. These short stories were hilarious and I really enjoyed the conversations between the 2 characters in each relationship. The clips were humorous and entertaining.


Awful movie. I definitely did not enjoy this movie. The only good thing I took from this movie was how to spot a blindspot. I saw that the futuristic world was lacking emotions and I liked the use of story line the director used to create that.

The Day After Tomorrow

This movie deals with the disaster of the world going into another ice age. People are dying and all of the northern hemisphere is getting destroyed but it shows one mans love for his son. He risks everything to save him.


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