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Movie Blog 4/13/11

The movie Alphaville was awful. I hate when movies are in a different language and we have to read subtitles. The deep creepy narrative voice was really weird to me. I guess I understand why we watched it (after talking to Mr.Hink). The movie did have a blind spot. To me the blind spot was the lack of emotions. Apparently the new futuristic world was not suppose to have any feelings or express any emotions. They weren’t allowed to cry. In the new futuristic world dictionaries didn’t have words like tenderness or any words expressing love or feelings. Natasha(one of the lead actors in this movie) didn’t even know what love was. She claimed she never fell in love and didn’t even know what love felt like. She couldn’t even say “I love you” in the right order. This movie definitely helped me see how I could show a blind spot without having so many pictures. I could show a blind spot through a narrative story or small conversations. For my project I will be using the illegal immigrations in Florida as my disaster and my blind spot will be how awful they are treated and how nobody cares about there well being. All the owners care about is there crops and how much money the illegal immigrants make them. Hopefully I will be able to portray this blind spot without actually saying it.


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A Skin, A Night and Motivation behind blogging…

The film The National: A Skin, A Night was very different. I didn’t know what to expect by the title of the movie. I had no clue it was going to be about a band. I would have to say I kind of enjoyed the movie. It really opened my eyes to all the hard  work  and brainstorming that a band has to go through to make a song and how challenging it is to make it famous and get your name out there. The band memebers in The National (Matt Berninger, Aaron and Bryce Dessner, and Scott and Bryan Devendorf) devoted their lives to music and making music that people would love and enjoy.

I’d have to say that this film opened my eyes wider to different styles, genres and types of music. There are so many great and talented artists out there waiting to get discovered. For example: Tegan  and Sara. They are really amazing and I feel the whole world should know about them 🙂

Switching up gears….

Web blogging….what’s motivating it?

Emotion is a HUGE motivator to blogging. I feel that people blog because it not only gives them something to do  but it lets their voice and opinion be heard. Even if nobody important is reading it, it gives the blogger a way to express themselves. This is a positive way to let your emotions escape instead keeping them bottled up.

Band 4 and Web Squared

Band 4

1) Blog —>”Integrate” (msm)

-Real Time Virtual FB Loop

-Public–> Bloggers (Journalists)

(Venue/Platform) —->Collective Expc/Action


Making a map of the internet using the tool your making it with. Changes obj/tool

-the internet is ever changing.

-a platform not a website

– interrelation f./fx. qualitative

-Common/Neighborhood (ecology)

-Exchange(“Energy Flow”)-necessary to work

-Ecosystem instead of a spatial structure

3) Common Norms

-Norms of common practices in a blog are formed and modified by the participants/users using it.

-Norms are influenced by formats

-Influenced by common culture—(for maintaining)

-Administration has a bigger influence on the norms than the users do.

4) Visual Blogs, Images &  Identity

-Most people who have blog have pics to hide themselves or about themselves.

-Update/frequently=incrementally disclose/learn

-IMS-TXT relation

-Nobody’s holding you to a standard. You can say what you want to say, post what you want

Web Squared/Facebook and Philosophy

-Platforms change with users behavior.

-Theres no more mainstream media

-Publicizing the measurement of your website

– Qualitative relationship. Sphere community do to collaboration of a community.

-Shared interest and values- exp: activist groups, “Obama grows an afro”

– A cause(activist) is just a click of a mouse and you can get very distracted. Facebook makes it to easy. In real life it would be much harder.


A National: A Skin, A Night

“The National is not a static band but a fluid ensemble of musicians, in a variety of performances.”

– Whats crazy is I enjoyed the film. You see what up coming artists who really have a passion for music go through. They dedicate their entire lives to there music.

I also watched and I could relate to the song. I liked the song and I love how they sing.

Block Party

I really enjoyed Dave Chappelles Block Party. I loved how he was able to get the entire community involved. He was able to pull people from different races and backgrounds to come together and listen to rap music. I enjoyed listening to The Fugees, Mos Def, Common, Kanye West and Jill Scott. Being able to hear The Fugees perform together in over seven years was amazing. The movie opened me up to new artist(well now old because the movie was made 2005) like Dead Prez and Bilal. I went home and started listening to some of their music on Youtube and really enjoyed myself. I liked the fact that Dave Chappelles Block Party took place in Brooklyn, New York especially since that neighborhood is considered to be the hood and a hard place to grow up in. Many people would have been afraid to even step foot in Brooklyn but it shows how everybody of every race, ethnicity and background can come together and enjoy good music. I feel like Chappelle did an amazing thing. He was even able to incorporate a historically black colleges(Central State University) marching band into the performance inspiring hundreds of black students to go to college and make something of them selves. It was a really great documentary.