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Band 4 and Web Squared

Band 4

1) Blog —>”Integrate” (msm)

-Real Time Virtual FB Loop

-Public–> Bloggers (Journalists)

(Venue/Platform) —->Collective Expc/Action


Making a map of the internet using the tool your making it with. Changes obj/tool

-the internet is ever changing.

-a platform not a website

– interrelation f./fx. qualitative

-Common/Neighborhood (ecology)

-Exchange(“Energy Flow”)-necessary to work

-Ecosystem instead of a spatial structure

3) Common Norms

-Norms of common practices in a blog are formed and modified by the participants/users using it.

-Norms are influenced by formats

-Influenced by common culture—(for maintaining)

-Administration has a bigger influence on the norms than the users do.

4) Visual Blogs, Images &  Identity

-Most people who have blog have pics to hide themselves or about themselves.

-Update/frequently=incrementally disclose/learn

-IMS-TXT relation

-Nobody’s holding you to a standard. You can say what you want to say, post what you want

Web Squared/Facebook and Philosophy

-Platforms change with users behavior.

-Theres no more mainstream media

-Publicizing the measurement of your website

– Qualitative relationship. Sphere community do to collaboration of a community.

-Shared interest and values- exp: activist groups, “Obama grows an afro”

– A cause(activist) is just a click of a mouse and you can get very distracted. Facebook makes it to easy. In real life it would be much harder.



A National: A Skin, A Night

“The National is not a static band but a fluid ensemble of musicians, in a variety of performances.”

– Whats crazy is I enjoyed the film. You see what up coming artists who really have a passion for music go through. They dedicate their entire lives to there music.

I also watched and I could relate to the song. I liked the song and I love how they sing.


Band 2

1) “Public Sphere”- Connected. Link to everybody emotionally.

a)? b) Political

– A network connected to join a community. The digital public.

2) “digital subjectivity”

-more about the blogger instead of the website or the actual blog

-find out more about who a person is, what they know…

-public and private merge

-a blog is interactive extension of who you are

-hyerlinking is the most important thing to blogging


-the diff between a blog and a diary because a diary is more linear and a blog can be all over the place

3) Identity “public discourse”

-mixed blogs= journal blogs(diary’s)

– blog is a way of expression

-even though its free and everybody can access it we still have a hierarchy and the same adult white male is on top.

-rare that the popular blog is female.



It wasnt until we discussed the readings in class when I really found out and understood what punctum meant. Its that instant emotion you feel when you first look at a picture or image. You can feel an array of emotions but as long as you feel a connection then thats punctum. A lot of users on Facebook have hundreds of pictures in their profile pictures album or wall post album or any album they have created but I doubt theres any connection between all those pictures and the user. They’re just posting to have pictures. I on the other hand only post pictures that mean something to me or I feel an instant connection with like for instants my profile picture of me and my niece. I love her to death and when I see this picture not only does it put a smile on my face but it puts a smile on my heart.

I’m sure you’ve been on your friends Facebook page or blog or any website and saw pictures that grabbed your attention and were breath taking. Then other times you’ve seen pictures and thought “what were they thinking” or “whats so special about that”? I believe punctum comes down to the person viewing the picture. Not the person who posted the  picture.

2/15/11 notes


– experience becomes image. page 102. Alienates people. Not a real relation.

-its not critical thinking, just images.

Alienated from your image. Your living threw the virtual life. The image is just a representation. Facebook takes the authenticity out of life.

Not person but persona. Not genuine.

ch. 5


-term to understand photos when 1st viewed, the emotional impact you get.

-immediate(direct), unprofessional, on the spot, something everybody can do.

Some third access or “connection” to the subject or the content of the image.

Pictures that are uniformed do not need punctum. Exp Year book photos.


So the pic needs to personal and unique. not like a brand or a logo.

Band 1

1) Blog as Literacy

-readers as “secondary authors”(potential)

-“ergodic” (Aarseth) engaged effort, flow of eyes, construction of text.

-people can tag on a blog or leave comments. gives you different ways to read something.

-story telling and ways of narrating.


-bloggging- freedom of expression and connection to how you make a stand

-express for communication

-explore POV (point of views, opinions)

-connection as a condition to participation



Block Party

I really enjoyed Dave Chappelles Block Party. I loved how he was able to get the entire community involved. He was able to pull people from different races and backgrounds to come together and listen to rap music. I enjoyed listening to The Fugees, Mos Def, Common, Kanye West and Jill Scott. Being able to hear The Fugees perform together in over seven years was amazing. The movie opened me up to new artist(well now old because the movie was made 2005) like Dead Prez and Bilal. I went home and started listening to some of their music on Youtube and really enjoyed myself. I liked the fact that Dave Chappelles Block Party took place in Brooklyn, New York especially since that neighborhood is considered to be the hood and a hard place to grow up in. Many people would have been afraid to even step foot in Brooklyn but it shows how everybody of every race, ethnicity and background can come together and enjoy good music. I feel like Chappelle did an amazing thing. He was even able to incorporate a historically black colleges(Central State University) marching band into the performance inspiring hundreds of black students to go to college and make something of them selves. It was a really great documentary.

Facebook Notes…

  • A good understand of a social network in terms of functions, effects. how do we form express the experience of the identity of the social network. What is happening to identity? What is a social network identity?
  • What is a medium? – Exp. like paint for a painting or notebook and pencil for notes…
  • Communication: diff forms of comm.
  • Media: Music, Video, Photos….
  • Facebook is Mega Medium…^^^^
  1. Enhancing- Tool of documentation…exp: Diary
  2. Asynchronous live time. Facebook tells you what time stuff got posted or added.  This media has multiple times exp. live news feeds and reading updates
  3. Suppresses stuff. Takes away the need to have a reunion or even the need to meet in person. Secrecy is absolute.
  4. Social Documenting. If its there then why remember because its still there. Storage Technology. Easy to retrieve the store information.
  5. Rhetorical Situation- Be mindful of your audience. People in your network might not care  about boundaries. Theirs no way to designate a particular audience. Exp: trying not to curse on your wall but one of your friends does, the friend has no idea who your friends with and whose watching and reading your wall.
  6. Audience- You don’t know all your friends. Hypothesis: In a social network context you want to be in the position where you know NOBODY in the audience. Could be a disadvantage. Less about the speaker or audience. Its all about context and the information.