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Class notes 4/14/2011

Band 1: Instructions for Project 3

-Learn your place in the disaster.

-What is going to be the oracle in our project? : ???

-The connection(the personal connection) is the content.

-Conduction: a way to gather information.

-Each pop cycle has its own language.

-Cyberpidgin: Language spoken between users on the internet. Exp: lol, smh, emoticons. We’re not composing an essay or documenting a film disaster or selling a product. So writing in cyberpidgin keeps our project in electracy…..hmmmm i guess thats also considered txt speak. combining multiple discourses.  Its partially relevant to the right audience.

——-Exp: Rick Rolling on youtube.

-The collective(me and the audience) feel a connection and all can mourn….

-Presentation of whats in our blind spot, a lil bit of autobiography. ANY MATERIAL AT OUR DISPOSAL THAT IS RELATED TO OUR TOPIC.

-Collage, mash up of everything!!!!!!! ANYTHING!!!!

-Not just explaining and documentary, but have expression, our personal feelings, showing the linking, my position in my network and community.

-See multiple positions!

-I’m in individual but i am also part of a network.


-We don’t want to be overly sentimental

-Trying to have people recognize the blind spot without actually putting it out there.


blog 4.7.11

In chapter 7 Ulmer says “In the memory palace mnemonics of medieval learning, the practice of “miranda” was one in which the rhetor extracted certain key images, scenes, exempla, from the encyclopedia of memorized texts.” “Memoria”, that is, was not only a means of storage and retrieval of information, but also a means for generating new texts or speeches (invention).” Since memoria means storage and retrieval of information I thought i’d do my disaster on illegal migrant workers in Florida. The people themselves are not the disaster but the policies and procedures put in place for them to work and the harsh conditions and lack of rights is the disaster. I chose this topic because I wrote a paper on it and I’m retrieving this information from my freshman english class. I remember some of the harsh names they were called and how it would be like 15 immigrants living in one 5 by 6 shack. They barely got paid and were pretty much like the modern aged slaves. I automatically felt a connection to this disaster. Something about it touched my heart. There was a story in the news awhile back about how some lettuce and tomatoes that were sold to a taco bell in florida were tainted with e coli. It so happened that some of the workers had to use the bathroom really bad and weren’t allowed to take a break so they used the bathroom in the fields with the crops. That is just one example of  several hundred awful stories on how these poor immigrants are treated here in Florida.

Band 2! 3/31/11

For the project: (niaz’s page for reference)

The MEmorial needs to have an emblem.

Not going to do an allegory. Allegory is generalized.

Its more about the group experience and sacrifice.

The MEmorial is describing a state of mind. You dont write it in the literal way. Its all about presentation.

“One does not write the disaster in a literate way, w/definitions and concepts.” “MEmorial does not analyze the disaster, but discovers mood” Pg.153 and 154.



blogging on 3/30/11

Ulmer says in chapter 5 that “The purpose of the peripheral is to make a case for losses of life (or other kinds of expenditure) whose public, collective relevance as sacrifice are not recognized.” 131 I know I’ve missed Tuesdays class when I believe this subject was discussed but I’m thinking Ulmer is saying that a peripheral is suppose to be like a monument or memorial or some kind of something that is dedicated to the deceased that have made sacrifices in there life that many people may not know about. Like the cross (for Christians) represents the ultimate sacrifice Jesus gave his followers,his life, and now we see the cross(a public representation) and never forgot what he gave for us. Accept everybody knows what the cross represents. I guess smaller organizations(that not everybody knows about) like Because of Kennedy could be considered a peripheral because a little orphan named Kennedy lost her life because of how malnourished she was and how she had nobody to take care of her. She gave the ultimate sacrifice in showing the world how people in her situation live. Because of Kennedy hundreds of thousands of orphans in Africa are getting fed and being well taken care of.

Notes 3/22/11

Ch. 3 & 4 Electronic Monuments

Aura= intangible image.

Electracy= photography.

Spectacle——-> “Compassion Fatigue”

Punctum logic

Is it possible to mourn  together, a collective???? idk???- maybe yea, people mourn at funerals all the time so yea…

Band 3

How to create and practice for the Memorial…..we’re giving instructions so it can be applied. Dont need to go over the theories of aura, spectacle, emblem.


Community, school, culture.


got to relate or apply to any topic of the reading it just has to relate….. kinda goes the same with the exercise.


Quiz 2 Ch. 3 & 4

1.Aura is a sign of recognition that notes the connection between style and knowledge in electracy and acknowledges the fact that truth is an effect specific to an apparatus. Pg. 61

2. Electrate emblem= addresses a large audience and its message is general. impresa=represents the principle of individuation used by one person only. Pg. 107

Bonus: MEmorials shows a consultation on  a social issue articulated in a news report cohere around the rhetorical sense of trauma.

Exp: The disappearance of the Washington, DC intern and 9/11.

Quiz Electonic Monuments

1. The goal of EmerAgency is to develop an internet practice that responds to the challenge posed by Virilio.

2.-Select an existing monument, memorial, celebration to which to attach the peripheral.

-Select an organization, agency or something that has responsibility for policy formation in relation to the disaster.

– select a theory as the source of the rationale informing the consultation.


-EmerAgency- Radical tourism, an online consulting collaboration for teachers, students, and schools.  to add an Internet dimension to a curriculum that would give public schools a new voice as a ‘fifth estate’ in our society

-ATH is “that is, the blindness or foolishness that causes us to behave in a certain way according to certain values”