teen gang banger

“By 2002, teen gang problems were back on the rise, particularly in the larger areas, and the most recent figures, from 2006, show a continuation of that trend. From 1999-2001 to 2006, Rural counties saw an increase of 1.5% to 14.9%. Smaller cities reported an increase of 6.7% to 32.6%. Suburban counties, though, had an increase of 10.2% for a total of 51%. And Larger cities rose 8.8% to 86.4%.”

  • aggravated assault
  • drug sales
  • robbery
  • larceny/theft
  • burglary
  • auto theft
  • conflicts between gangs
  • factors related to drugs
  • migration of gang members within the United States
  • the rise of newly formed gangs
  • the return to the area of gang members who had been incarcerated
  • conflicts within gangs
  • migration of gang members from outside of the United States
Why teens join???
Most teens are forced to join gangs. The ones with a choice usually come from a broken home and are looking for a family type relationship. Some are searching for acceptance and some are just bored.


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