Class notes 4/14/2011

Band 1: Instructions for Project 3

-Learn your place in the disaster.

-What is going to be the oracle in our project? : ???

-The connection(the personal connection) is the content.

-Conduction: a way to gather information.

-Each pop cycle has its own language.

-Cyberpidgin: Language spoken between users on the internet. Exp: lol, smh, emoticons. We’re not composing an essay or documenting a film disaster or selling a product. So writing in cyberpidgin keeps our project in electracy…..hmmmm i guess thats also considered txt speak. combining multiple discourses.  Its partially relevant to the right audience.

——-Exp: Rick Rolling on youtube.

-The collective(me and the audience) feel a connection and all can mourn….

-Presentation of whats in our blind spot, a lil bit of autobiography. ANY MATERIAL AT OUR DISPOSAL THAT IS RELATED TO OUR TOPIC.

-Collage, mash up of everything!!!!!!! ANYTHING!!!!

-Not just explaining and documentary, but have expression, our personal feelings, showing the linking, my position in my network and community.

-See multiple positions!

-I’m in individual but i am also part of a network.


-We don’t want to be overly sentimental

-Trying to have people recognize the blind spot without actually putting it out there.


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