Movie Blog 4/13/11

The movie Alphaville was awful. I hate when movies are in a different language and we have to read subtitles. The deep creepy narrative voice was really weird to me. I guess I understand why we watched it (after talking to Mr.Hink). The movie did have a blind spot. To me the blind spot was the lack of emotions. Apparently the new futuristic world was not suppose to have any feelings or express any emotions. They weren’t allowed to cry. In the new futuristic world dictionaries didn’t have words like tenderness or any words expressing love or feelings. Natasha(one of the lead actors in this movie) didn’t even know what love was. She claimed she never fell in love and didn’t even know what love felt like. She couldn’t even say “I love you” in the right order. This movie definitely helped me see how I could show a blind spot without having so many pictures. I could show a blind spot through a narrative story or small conversations. For my project I will be using the illegal immigrations in Florida as my disaster and my blind spot will be how awful they are treated and how nobody cares about there well being. All the owners care about is there crops and how much money the illegal immigrants make them. Hopefully I will be able to portray this blind spot without actually saying it.


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