blog 4.7.11

In chapter 7 Ulmer says “In the memory palace mnemonics of medieval learning, the practice of “miranda” was one in which the rhetor extracted certain key images, scenes, exempla, from the encyclopedia of memorized texts.” “Memoria”, that is, was not only a means of storage and retrieval of information, but also a means for generating new texts or speeches (invention).” Since memoria means storage and retrieval of information I thought i’d do my disaster on illegal migrant workers in Florida. The people themselves are not the disaster but the policies and procedures put in place for them to work and the harsh conditions and lack of rights is the disaster. I chose this topic because I wrote a paper on it and I’m retrieving this information from my freshman english class. I remember some of the harsh names they were called and how it would be like 15 immigrants living in one 5 by 6 shack. They barely got paid and were pretty much like the modern aged slaves. I automatically felt a connection to this disaster. Something about it touched my heart. There was a story in the news awhile back about how some lettuce and tomatoes that were sold to a taco bell in florida were tainted with e coli. It so happened that some of the workers had to use the bathroom really bad and weren’t allowed to take a break so they used the bathroom in the fields with the crops. That is just one example of  several hundred awful stories on how these poor immigrants are treated here in Florida.


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