blogging on 3/30/11

Ulmer says in chapter 5 that “The purpose of the peripheral is to make a case for losses of life (or other kinds of expenditure) whose public, collective relevance as sacrifice are not recognized.” 131 I know I’ve missed Tuesdays class when I believe this subject was discussed but I’m thinking Ulmer is saying that a peripheral is suppose to be like a monument or memorial or some kind of something that is dedicated to the deceased that have made sacrifices in there life that many people may not know about. Like the cross (for Christians) represents the ultimate sacrifice Jesus gave his followers,his life, and now we see the cross(a public representation) and never forgot what he gave for us. Accept everybody knows what the cross represents. I guess smaller organizations(that not everybody knows about) like Because of Kennedy could be considered a peripheral because a little orphan named Kennedy lost her life because of how malnourished she was and how she had nobody to take care of her. She gave the ultimate sacrifice in showing the world how people in her situation live. Because of Kennedy hundreds of thousands of orphans in Africa are getting fed and being well taken care of.


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