I know this isn’t a natural disaster like the Tsunami the devastated Japan or hurricane Katrina the nearly destroyed New Orleans but cancer is certainly a disaster to me and plenty of other families in America. In recent news it has been discovered that breast cancer and cancer in general has killed more people than heart disease. This MEmorial is more than just an article its a dedication to my mother and a testimony straight from the heart. If i had any punctum relating to an article ever written in the world, it would be THIS ONE.  My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after my father died in 2009. She was fortunate enough to just have her left nipple removed. Sadly a week after my 20th birthday this year my mother told me that she has been diagnosed with a new strand of breast cancer. Luckily it has been caught in stage one. This will be the first time my mother has had to go through chemo and radiation. That is not only scary but its TERRIFYING!!!

My mother is a strong black woman and doesn’t and WONT let anything stop her or get in her way not even cancer. She owns her own drugs addiction counseling agency, Juliette Bartley Warnke Ass Inc. and cancer wont hold her back. Because my mother has been diagnosed with cancer that has not only made me value my life but my FAMILY. I have learned that life is not always guaranteed and someone could be here and healthy today and sick and dying tomorrow.



Cancer is no joke and has drastically devastated my family in more than one may. Last year cancer took my aunts life and a few members of my church. There has to be something to stop this terrible cancer pandemic. We should stop focusing on so much other diasters in other countries and focus on the one that is killing millions in the United States. I know it doesn’t make national news everyday but it is definitely something to be talked about.

I love the fact that at least a few million Americans have recognized that this is serious and people are dying from this. There are hundreds and thousands of websites and support groups dedicated to cancer patients and survivors like Y-Me, NCI, and Latest Cancer News. Thank God there are new ways to deal with and heal cancer like for example mother is trying a new treatment where they hook up a shunt and a needle lobe into her left breast so she can do chemo treatments at home. I just pray that she makes it through this treatment and the cancer is gone for good. Hopefully she can be a witness for somebody else and can give an amazing testimony to give support to other cancer patients.


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