But wasn’t he a soldier??

In Electronic Monuments Chapter 4 it states that “A MEmorial documents a case that shows the potential for arts and entertainment practices to produce a methodology capable of grasping a situation holistically in an image.” Ulmer also says that people can become an image like in the example he gives about the transexual high school teacher turning into a woman and how people were for that and against it. When we think of a solider an “image” of a strong, brave and courageous young man or woman pops up in our minds. We don’t think of an infant murderer.

We as a society has this view of soldiers as people who would give up there own life to save someone else’s, heroes. Supposedly the perfect American. Sadly we have put this view on soldiers and when they do something outrageous like killing a baby nobody can understand why. Nobody can understand that even though hes a soldier hes still a human and humans make mistakes. Stupid mistakes like getting sooooo frustrated with a baby he hits it. This isnt the first time a man has killed a baby out of frustration but this IS the first time I’ve heard of a soldier doing that. The story will forever make me remember that even though society has placed an image on someone or something that doesn’t make it true. Not everything is as it seems.

(A decorated U.S. Army soldier allegedly admitted he killed a 4-month-old girl he and his wife were trying to adopt, police said Friday.)



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