Won’t be doing God’s work ANYMORE

The Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn, has decided to end the death penalty. Illinois is part of the 16 states to discontinue using the death penalty. Illinois alone has executed 20 innocent people on death row. “Having said that, we cannot have a death-penalty system in our state which kills innocents, and unfortunately our system was in grave danger of doing exactly that in 20 instances” says Gov. Pat Quinn. The governor would rather have the inmates that commit such hanis crimes like murder and rape to be sentenced to life without parole then to chance taken an innocents life.

I know this story isn’t some huge disaster like the tsunami in Japan but it meant something to me. I chose this article because I’m from Peoria Illinois and this affects me in a small way.  At least I know my hometown is doing something that I believe in. I believe this is right because NOBODY has the right to take another persons life. That should be left up to God or whoever or whatever you believe in. Its about time for the rest of the 50 states to jump on board with abolishing the death penalty. How many more innocent people are going to have to die before they realize this is the right thing to do?


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