3/01/11 Project 2 Prep

Describe a community. Express how I feel in a diff community= NO

Not writing an article

Not comparing and contrasting.

How we see ourselves and interact and EXPRESS OURSELVES in electracy…….????

Facebook is a platform not a community….???

A feeling of connection, no physical interaction. (Remember nuris example!)

how do u express the experience?

image or text expression.

Play and performance is in electracy….exp:the sims

convey the activity, exchange, practices. what we do.

got to be grounded. (not abstract)

the sims= interface, logic, whats going on in the game. the experience of the game. interaction

-use game logic…..????


media element. how did u use that?

image or song, pick a song in each of the apparatuses, mood thought,

experience of being connected

express the experience of participating in a network.


2 responses to “3/01/11 Project 2 Prep

  1. i like all of your NOTs and ??? hahaha

  2. hahahah thanks lol!!! i swear i was lke ugghhhh???? the whole freakn time!!!

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