Band 4 and Web Squared

Band 4

1) Blog —>”Integrate” (msm)

-Real Time Virtual FB Loop

-Public–> Bloggers (Journalists)

(Venue/Platform) —->Collective Expc/Action


Making a map of the internet using the tool your making it with. Changes obj/tool

-the internet is ever changing.

-a platform not a website

– interrelation f./fx. qualitative

-Common/Neighborhood (ecology)

-Exchange(“Energy Flow”)-necessary to work

-Ecosystem instead of a spatial structure

3) Common Norms

-Norms of common practices in a blog are formed and modified by the participants/users using it.

-Norms are influenced by formats

-Influenced by common culture—(for maintaining)

-Administration has a bigger influence on the norms than the users do.

4) Visual Blogs, Images &  Identity

-Most people who have blog have pics to hide themselves or about themselves.

-Update/frequently=incrementally disclose/learn

-IMS-TXT relation

-Nobody’s holding you to a standard. You can say what you want to say, post what you want

Web Squared/Facebook and Philosophy

-Platforms change with users behavior.

-Theres no more mainstream media

-Publicizing the measurement of your website

– Qualitative relationship. Sphere community do to collaboration of a community.

-Shared interest and values- exp: activist groups, “Obama grows an afro”

– A cause(activist) is just a click of a mouse and you can get very distracted. Facebook makes it to easy. In real life it would be much harder.



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