Exercise 3

Ulmer helps you realize that there is more to oneself than just an image. He shows us that we have feelings when we’re in a group, individual feelings like our own character and personality and then how people perceive us as an image(photo).


Orality is my favorite apparatus on Ulmers chart because it is the one I can relate to the most. Orality has topics that most people can understand and put into their daily lives like their rituals, religion and ones own faith/character. I love communicating and interacting with people. Rather it be in large crowds, small crowds, classrooms, hallways, parks, etc. Regardless of my surrounding, I can usually find at least one person to talk to or have something in common with. I would have to say that I have a friendly and outgoing personality. I was raised to always be polite and friendly towards everyone and being that I’m a Christian my religion plays a huge part in my character. My mother is a hugger meaning shes one of those mothers that gives hugs to my friends, her friends, clients, family members, church members, almost anybody. I believe her hugging pattern rubbed off on me because I hug everyone too. I think a hug can cheer up a person and show that you care about them.


Literacy seems like it deals with hard and concrete subjects like science, school and knowledge. I know for me college is an extreme challenge. Its nothing like high school. There is no one telling you what to do. Nobody is making sure you get your work done and most professors don’t really care about you. College makes me feel almost remedial because in high school you could pass a test without even reading your book but in college especially at the University of Florida you need to read your book at least twice and take your own notes as well as the ones in class. I used to think I was a hard worker but after being at UF for two years now my “hard work” is no where near the place it needs to be. You really have to be committed to your school work and give one hundred percent. Either you go hard or go home and I refuse to leave the University of Florida without my degree.


The only networking website I use is Facbook. I am not just the image you see on my Facebook profile picture. There is more to Khadijah R. Warnke than just a picture of me and my niece. I feel like you will never truly know a person just by looking at pictures of them and having casual online interactions. I may have nearly 1200 friends on Facebook but they only know me electronically. In reality I only have two best friends who know me beyond the computer screen. They know me when I’m sad, happy, just waking up, before I go to sleep and just me as a person. Not who I may or may not try to portray on Facebook.



3 responses to “Exercise 3

  1. » Great job presenting the Blogosphere article on remediation/genre yesterday — remember that you can write this week’s entry on your article, connecting it to a topic from Facebook reading(s) about community/social-network…
    (maybe choose “motivation”? or “cultural interface”?)

  2. Thank you Mr.Hink and I used http://www.gikr.com on exercise 3

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