It wasnt until we discussed the readings in class when I really found out and understood what punctum meant. Its that instant emotion you feel when you first look at a picture or image. You can feel an array of emotions but as long as you feel a connection then thats punctum. A lot of users on Facebook have hundreds of pictures in their profile pictures album or wall post album or any album they have created but I doubt theres any connection between all those pictures and the user. They’re just posting to have pictures. I on the other hand only post pictures that mean something to me or I feel an instant connection with like for instants my profile picture of me and my niece. I love her to death and when I see this picture not only does it put a smile on my face but it puts a smile on my heart.

I’m sure you’ve been on your friends Facebook page or blog or any website and saw pictures that grabbed your attention and were breath taking. Then other times you’ve seen pictures and thought “what were they thinking” or “whats so special about that”? I believe punctum comes down to the person viewing the picture. Not the person who posted the  picture.


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