2/15/11 notes


– experience becomes image. page 102. Alienates people. Not a real relation.

-its not critical thinking, just images.

Alienated from your image. Your living threw the virtual life. The image is just a representation. Facebook takes the authenticity out of life.

Not person but persona. Not genuine.

ch. 5


-term to understand photos when 1st viewed, the emotional impact you get.

-immediate(direct), unprofessional, on the spot, something everybody can do.

Some third access or “connection” to the subject or the content of the image.

Pictures that are uniformed do not need punctum. Exp Year book photos.


So the pic needs to personal and unique. not like a brand or a logo.

Band 1

1) Blog as Literacy

-readers as “secondary authors”(potential)

-“ergodic” (Aarseth) engaged effort, flow of eyes, construction of text.

-people can tag on a blog or leave comments. gives you different ways to read something.

-story telling and ways of narrating.


-bloggging- freedom of expression and connection to how you make a stand

-express for communication

-explore POV (point of views, opinions)

-connection as a condition to participation




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