Exercise 2

Myspace is certainly a Web 2.0 website. It is a little older than facebook but it lets you connect with hundreds of thousands of users all across the world. There’s an endless opportunity of how many people you can meet. It’s just like other networking sites like Facebook and BlackPlanet except Myspace is targeted more for youth. Facebook is designed more towards college students and young adults as where BlackPlanet is a website designed to be a safe place where African Americans can meet each other.

Myspace is considered a Web 2.0 website described in the book Facebook and Philosophy because it gives you the opportunity to meet up or catch up with people without ever having to see them in person. It gives you the chance to stay in the comfort of your own home and yet be able to see what your old fried, coworker or associate looks like, how they’ve changed since high school and view almost all aspects of their life(if its online). Myspace is not only a very popular networking site but it lets you do so much more. You can download songs and music videos from your favorite artists legally on Myspace. Just go to the search bar on the top of the page and type in their name. Almost instantly hundreds of hits will pop up and you have the option to choose whatever you want. You can almost say myspace is like another version of youtube(another 2.0 website). You can tag items on your web page like a blog and you can really show your creativity though HTML formats by decorating your page. People go crazy with the data interchanging and manipulation using HTML language.

Myspace lets people talk in almost a different language. Everything is shorthand and full sentences are almost obsolete. For example Be right back is brb. Talk to you later is ttyl. I miss you and I love you are imy and ily. Theres almost a new abbreviation everyday. Myspace lets you communicate in anyway you chose. You can write a status only three words long or you could write an entire book. You can keep your page basic and simple(private) or you can let the entire world into your life and know all of your personal business.

Myspace is even faster than texting or talking on the phone. You can instant chat with one of your friends on Myspace by seeing who’s on. I would rather prefer an instant message conversation than rather having to keep picking up my phone to check a text message. I would even prefer that over a phone call or meeting in person. At least this way there is no awkward silence when nobody has anything to say or the nervousness.

Myspace is definitely considered a 2.0 website because of all the new endless opportunities it provides you with. You can meet new people. Catch up with all friends. See what’s going on in your community and check out the latest music without every having to leave your house or going to a different website.


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