Block Party

I really enjoyed Dave Chappelles Block Party. I loved how he was able to get the entire community involved. He was able to pull people from different races and backgrounds to come together and listen to rap music. I enjoyed listening to The Fugees, Mos Def, Common, Kanye West and Jill Scott. Being able to hear The Fugees perform together in over seven years was amazing. The movie opened me up to new artist(well now old because the movie was made 2005) like Dead Prez and Bilal. I went home and started listening to some of their music on Youtube and really enjoyed myself. I liked the fact that Dave Chappelles Block Party took place in Brooklyn, New York especially since that neighborhood is considered to be the hood and a hard place to grow up in. Many people would have been afraid to even step foot in Brooklyn but it shows how everybody of every race, ethnicity and background can come together and enjoy good music. I feel like Chappelle did an amazing thing. He was even able to incorporate a historically black colleges(Central State University) marching band into the performance inspiring hundreds of black students to go to college and make something of them selves. It was a really great documentary.


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