Facebook Notes…

  • A good understand of a social network in terms of functions, effects. how do we form express the experience of the identity of the social network. What is happening to identity? What is a social network identity?
  • What is a medium? – Exp. like paint for a painting or notebook and pencil for notes…
  • Communication: diff forms of comm.
  • Media: Music, Video, Photos….
  • Facebook is Mega Medium…^^^^
  1. Enhancing- Tool of documentation…exp: Diary
  2. Asynchronous live time. Facebook tells you what time stuff got posted or added.  This media has multiple times exp. live news feeds and reading updates
  3. Suppresses stuff. Takes away the need to have a reunion or even the need to meet in person. Secrecy is absolute.
  4. Social Documenting. If its there then why remember because its still there. Storage Technology. Easy to retrieve the store information.
  5. Rhetorical Situation- Be mindful of your audience. People in your network might not care  about boundaries. Theirs no way to designate a particular audience. Exp: trying not to curse on your wall but one of your friends does, the friend has no idea who your friends with and whose watching and reading your wall.
  6. Audience- You don’t know all your friends. Hypothesis: In a social network context you want to be in the position where you know NOBODY in the audience. Could be a disadvantage. Less about the speaker or audience. Its all about context and the information.

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