Fun Home

NOTES: Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic
1. Direct/memory
2. Family History (indirect. exp: anecdote)
3. Fathers Narrator A) History/Past B). Direct/Shared
(middle of nowhere Pennsylvania is the setting)
4. History- Society. History’s always happening somewhere else.
(gives a sense of whats going on, solitude, independent research on homosexuality)
5. Time, place, organization.
(keeps everything organized in a good way. interfaced w/.something familiar )
6. Culture- Literature
(everything’s about her dad, hes dead and unfamiliar)
A) references(expression)-she doesn’t just say imagine something, she gives it to the audience indirectly exp: definitions, drawings of photo graphs and dictionary’s
-Multimedia: Function; effect. The authors has more control, we don’t get to exercise our creative imagination.


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