Notes The Body and Doll Games

The Body

The Body is almost set up like the waves of girls. You have to click on something to get somewhere else. And the Body has a lot of emotion tied to her body parts.

She uses a lot of memory to describe her body.  She gets her inspiration from Frankenstein.

The way the drawings of her body are setup with different parts coming together almost as though someone put her together.

As if shes a monster. Considered herself abnormal compared to everybody else. She felt out of place.

She remixed and refashioned Frankenstein to a modern aged girl.

Artificial and thematic organization.  A poetical theme. Hypertext structure

The Doll Games


1.       Table of contents 2. Scenes 3. Critical Discourse 4. Artificial 5. Glossary


Serial  narrative, almost like a soap opera.

Different doll characters. Exp: toy story, drama with diff characters.

Refashioning how the dolls really are. Giving them different personalities, human like qualities.

Has a variety of modes.

Has a glossary unlike novels.


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