I enjoyed reading Remix by Lawrence Lessig. I learned some stuff I didn’t know like how and why Itunes got so big and that Limewire and Napster got shut down because they were taking artists music illegally and letting people download it. I also didn’t know that if I were to post a personal video on Youtube and it had a song playing in the background then I would have to get permission from the artist to post it or I could end up getting sued. When I read the book Remix I also discovered an artist called Girl Talk (Gregg Gills) that I’ve never heard of. I ended up listening to some of his songs on myspace and actually started liking them. Apparently his music is Illegal because he takes other artists songs and mashes them up but some of his songs are really good. My favorite song so far is “Make Me Wanna” on his fifth album called All Day. The songs consists of several artists like Rick Ross, TI, Waka Flocka Flame, ¬†Basement Jaxx and Cyndi Lauper. The song is absolutely amazing. I love how creative Girl Talk is and how is combines all different kinds of artists, genres and styles.



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