Memory Glimpse

The water was freezing. I tried to gasp a breath but all I feel is ice cold water filling my lungs. I try to look up and all I see is nothing but blinding white light, the sun. Today is the day I decide if I’m going to sink or swim. My dad was an excellent swimmer. You could call him a fish out of water. My dad made swimming look easy. Like there was no strategy to it. He figured since he could swim then his little girls should too. I was five and my sister was eight.  My mom, Khalilah(my big sister) and dad already knew how to swim. i was the only one left in the Warnke bunch that had to learn. My dad might’ve been an excellent swimmer but he was no good at being a teacher. It was definitely a Sunday afternoon when I had my first real encounter with the water because I remember performing my favorite dance(Take the Shackles of my feet so I can Dance by Mary Mary) with the kids dance group at my church called Tiny Feet Warriors. We got home from church and my dad said “Dij todays the day you are going to swim in the deep end.” Our pool was only six feet deep but to a five year older that feels like and endless hole. My dad walked me to the deep end and said hold your breath then he threw me in! I was terrified. There was no lessons, no tips on holding your breath, no strategy on how to kick and move your arms. There was nothing! Either you swam or drowned. As soon as my body hit the god awful cold water I froze up. It felt like I had been throw in a bucket of ice water and there was no end to the falling. I felt like I was falling an eternity. When my feet finally hit the bottom was relieved and horrified at the same time. Did I fall so long that I would never be able to kick my way up to the surface with this same breath?  It was dark, cold, wet and scary being at the bottom of my pool. It looked like I feel into a different planet especially because I couldn’t see being that I wear glasses and everything was really blurry. As soon as my feet touched the bottom of the grainy pool I kicked as hard as I could to get from down there. The ride back up was way better then the torture of going down. I felt like I was moving faster than a speeding bullet almost like I was flying. My head came shooting out of the pool like a rocket. My sister swam up to me and helped me grab the edge of the pool. My dad grabbed my hand and pulled me out the pool saying “good job dij, you just got your first lesson in swimming. Don’t be afraid of the water”


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