Pan’s Labyrinth and Twitterature

When the movie Pan’s Labyrinth started playing I was at first dreading it because it was in Spanish with English subtitles but as the movie progressed I really started to enjoy it. What was interesting about the movie was I felt I could compare it to Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella with a twist. Ofelia was just like Alice from Alice in wonderland because she believed in fairy tales and was taken into this magical world. Ofelia was also like Cinderella because Cinderella lost both her parents and was forced to live with her step mother but in Ofelias case she was forced to live with her evil step father. As the movie continued to play I felt as though I was actually in the movie. Regardless of the language barrier I could feel the intensity of the movie. Pan’s Labyrinth literally kept me on the edge of my seat.  This movie was really unpredictable and had all kinds of twists and turn. I never knew what was coming next.

Twitterature is a really good text book and an easy read. It makes every hard american novel(in Twitterature) easy to understand. I love the way the authors have taken hard to understand novels and turned them into tweets that are funny and common to youth of this generation.


One response to “Pan’s Labyrinth and Twitterature

  1. NOTES: Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic
    1. Direct/memory
    2. Family History (indirect. exp: anecdote)
    3. Fathers Narrator A) History/Past B). Direct/Shared
    (middle of nowhere Pennsylvania is the setting)
    4. History- Society. History’s always happening somewhere else.
    (gives a sense of whats going on, solitude, independent research on homosexuality)
    5. Time, place, organization.
    (keeps everything organized in a good way. interfaced w/.something familiar )
    6. Culture- Literature
    (everything’s about her dad, hes dead and unfamiliar)
    A) references(expression)-she doesn’t just say imagine something, she gives it to the audience indirectly exp: definitions, drawings of photo graphs and dictionary’s
    -Multimedia: Function; effect. The authors has more control, we don’t get to exercise our creative imagination.

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